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Hollywood Catering

Enjoy The Best Hollywood Catering In The City

Friesnmore Hollywood catering is a great choice for your special day if you are planning a relaxed party or event. Our hollywood catering service is lots of fun and will have your guests talking about your party for weeks. Friesnmore is a great catering option for all of your Hollywood events and parties. We are […]

Food Truck Catering

The Best Food Truck Catering In Los Angeles On A Budget

If you want to hire a food truck for our next party get in touch with Friesnmore. If you live in LA you will be well aware of the food truck catering trend that has been around for many years in the city. Eating out at food trucks is a cheap alternative to restaurants when you […]

Food Truck Catering

Food Truck Catering Trend

Friesnmore tasty menu is the talk of the city, just check out our social media pages to see how much love people have for us. Street food has been very popular throughout Los Angeles for many years, with the modern food truck catering trend seemingly arising due to hipster demand and economical factors. If you claim […]

Guests Out With Your Food This Halloween

Don’t Spook Your Guests Out With Your Food This Halloween

Nothing represents the fun more than having the best food truck in LA attend for your ghostly event. If you are planning on having guests around this Halloween and do not want to scare them away with your dodgy party food, you can hire the best food truck in LA. Friesnmore is a fun and […]

Best Food Truck In LA

Hire Food Truck Catering For Your Christmas Party

Friesnmore menu is packed full of classic flavors with a few festive twists to liven up the party and get you in the mood for Santa. LA is packed full of amazing food trucks as we are the best city in the world for delivering high-quality street food. Friesnmore is the best food truck in LA […]

Food Truck Catering

Be The Talk Of LA With Your Food Truck Catering Party

If you want to hire the best food truck in LA for your upcoming birthday bash, look no further than Friesnmore. With a wide array of tasty dishes there is sure to be something for all of your guests to sink their teeth into. We will bring along our stylish food truck that will make […]

Film Catering

Hire Friesnmore For Your Next Los Angeles Photo Shoot

Food trucks are as popular as ever across the world, with some people going on certain vacations just to experience the street food truck of the city. In LA there are more and Hollywood caterers popping up in the form of food truck catering as the city cannot get enough street food. If you are […]